Balushka Resort wear is distinguished by its top quality and sustainable production.
Balushka core collection is produced from the finest northern linen with unique hand-embroidered designs. Almost all styles are being produced in unique size fitting XS to L.

Our dresses and cover-ups are constructed in a way to perfectly suit any body type. The subtle and airy designs visually correct body silhouette and create a graceful and refined look while protecting skin from the sun rays.



Currently we are producing all our iconic pieces in unique size, which helps to avoid a leftover stock resulting from the difficulty in selling certain sizes in boutiques. To support conscious fashion production, consumption and to avoid seasonality, apart from having the core iconic product line, we aim to produce capsule collections for boutiques based on local demand, considering buyers’ wishes regarding colours and silhouettes.For boutiques, due to different markets preferences, we are happy to offer customisation of the chosen styles, such as modifying the length, neckline or colour of fabric and embroidery.


We are not using plastic for our packages both to the final customers and to the boutiques for the wholesale orders. We are trying to use recycled/organic materials as much as we can. For example our stationery is produced from the recycled

Besides, we are encouraging our partners to do the same - from the factories to the courier services.


With every purchase on our website you help us to plant trees. Greenspark was founded on the belief that “business as normal” simply won’t cut it anymore.They see every business—big or small—as a powerful force for good. 

They created a platform to set companies on the path to sustainability. Where they can create automated positive impact in seconds and take environmental action every day.

In Balushka we’re a dedicated team of optimists that care deeply about the planet and energising others to do more to protect it.We collaborate together to create something that could harness our collective power to create real and meaningful impact.

We’re here to inspire you into taking action and leading the world into a sustainable future.