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Support Balushka

We have been developing an Eco-chic Resort Collection Balushka since 2017 and have been growing slowly but steadily getting more and more interest and attention as our brand is one of a kind (please read the description below).
This year we've even started to work with a Milanese showroom obtaining international visibility, but the COVID pandemic affected our small business and other projects nourishing Balushka a lot.
We've cut or reduced all the possible costs and expenses but still as many related businesses (suppliers, distributors, clients) are suffering too we are having lack of funds for additional production, following collection development and supporting our team.

Now, when we have more potential than ever we are hoping that you will help us to sustain! We believe that an eco-friendly initiative being on a mission to reform the perception of what should be fashionable nowadays will attract all the positive vibes and energy in order to survive. 

 Buy beautiful dresses or gift cards here, on our official website. 
We have also opened a fundrising program and you can donate by this link GoFundMe.
For donations over EUR 30 we have prepared a special code for 80% discount that can be used for any product in our online store.
You can simply share the link to this fund rising with your friends and in social media.

Thank you!

Founder, creative & managing director

 For any details and questions, please contact us via email