Special Offer


To celebrate the start of beach season in Southern Hemisphere: in November 2018, buy any cover-up at www.lovebalushka.com, post your picture in the cover-up with the hashtag #LoveBalushka, follow and tag @ba_lush_ka in Instagram and we will ship you another one of your choice for free!

Please kindly note the offer conditions:

- for us to see your picture in Instagram your account is to be switched to public.

- if you buy any of the Vasilisa beach cover-ups you can choose another Vasilisa in different color or any of the Yaroslavna beach cover-ups or a beach bag as a complementary item. If you buy Yaroslavna beach cover-up you can choose another Yaroslavna in different color or a beach bag as a complementary item.

- this offer is valid until supply lasts.