Balushka was one of the brands hand-picked to appear in the "Spot The Look" section, during the LeSpot Pop-Up Store at We Are_ , this past May. This exclusive floor showcased a scrupulously curated selection of multi-brand looks meticulously curated by Le Spot.

LeSpot is a private women's network that embraces dynamism and creativity as its foundation. LeSpot's activities revolve around organizing extraordinary pop-up stores, brand experiences, cultural events, and exclusive luxury travel experiences.
By bringing together its exceptional community of women and partner brands, LeSpot strives to create a trendsetting world of its own. They accomplish this by offering unforgettable tailor-made experiences that encompass the realms of fashion, culture, and travel. Additionally, Le Spot goes above and beyond by providing invaluable insider tips and trusted recommendations to its members for their chosen travel destinations.